Hollands Glorie

Impressions of Spaarndam, the dockyard and other typical places. I used my Lubitel 2 camera with 120 film and scanned the prints.

Revolog Kolor

Images taken using Revolog Kolor Film with a Panorama Wide Pic camera i found at a local thrift store.

The guy at the photoshop told me i should not expect much from the negatives "they are badly damaged! Something is wrong..!" i thought..this is going to be great! Since they could not print the images i scanned the negatives and here are some images. When i returned some new rolls i also ordered the negatives to be printed. Results soon..
Scenes from around haarlem.

Impossible project

Images taken using Impossible Project film. I shot images of typical scenes around the house.

Happy Instax Accidents

My first attempt of using the Instant Back for my Diana F+ camera.

The frame was inserted in the wrong way and became part of the pictures.